The Baltic Sea Region with its growing transport volumes especially between East and West and its insufficient road and rail infrastructure needs innovative and pragmatic solutions to cope with future requirements on transport facilities. Rivers, canals and also the Baltic Sea have huge capacity reserves.

However, Inland Waterway and River-Sea Shipping (IWT) still do not play the adequate role in the transport system to its potential. All in all ship transportation has many advantages compared to alternative modes like road and rail. In particular, it is cost efficient and environmentally friendly compared to the other modes. However, too often, inland shipping is not even considered as transport alternative by many forwarders and stakeholders in the transport sector.

The question that needs to be answered is how the modal share of IWT can be increased in the Baltic Sea Region countries.

The implementation of pilot activities, their promotion for wider acceptance and information that addresses the specific target groups is required!

This is why Port of Hamburg Marketing jointly developed the EMMA project with twenty partners from the five Baltic Sea Region countries.

Learn more by reading through EMMA’s concrete pilot activities!

Pilot activities

Investigating the feasibility of new inland waterway transports from Kalipeda to Kaunas region.

Enhancing inland navigation at Saimaa Region (canal and lage district)

Development of Geofanced RIS Services for ship owners and stakeholders to ease transport planning.

Testing and promoting inland navigation for the 1st time at lake Mälaren and Vänern.

Revitalization of inland navigation on the Vistula river and a new multimodal inland terminal near Bydgozsz

Projects' work package structure, target groups, aims and benefits for stakeholders in detail.