Gustav König (extended version)

The vessels of the “Gustav Koenig” extended class are canal-going. They were lengthened by up to 13,00 m compeared to the original class Through this, its tonnage capacity increases up to 1,200 tonnes.

Gustav König

The vessels of the “Gustav Koenig” class are canal-going. Their engines have been upgraded frequently over the past years and the hull often also extended to a length of about 80 meters. Cargo capacity is up to 1,000 tonnes.


A péniche, or spitz, is a steel motorized cargo river barge with max 400 ts laoading capacity

Johann Welker ship

One or two propellers with a diameter from 1.3 m to 1.6 m and one or two rudder blades per propeller, bow thrusters.

SL 36/37 (Bulk Cargo lighter)

Non-self-propelled lighter for push barge convoys

Operator: Deutsche Binnenreederei