• Enhancing
    freight mobility and logistics in the Baltic Sea Region
    inland waterway and river sea transport
    new international shipping services

EMMA is funded by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014-2020, which supports integrated territorial development and cooperation for a more innovative, better accessible and sustainable Baltic Sea region. 

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Some News

Hamburg, Germany
One year EMMA!

Highlights of the first year of EMMA. Short overview and illustrations :-)

The project partners from five BSR countries met in Helsinki at the 3rd all-partner meeting, which marked one year of tight co-operation within the project

Hamburg, Germany

First annual EMMA conference brought Baltic partners together

Around 130 participants from around the Baltic Sea Region gathered in Warsaw to discuss how to enhance inland navigation.
European cooperation is necessary in order to integrate inland waterway transport better into the multimodal logistic chains

Warsaw, Poland
Copyright: HHM/S.Breitenbach

Enhancement of inland navigation on agenda at the Annual Conference

Over 130 participants from Poland, Germany, Sweden, Lithuania, Finland and Czech Republic gather in Warsaw on the 21st of November to discuss how to enhance inland navigation in the Baltic Sea Region.

Hamburg, Germany
Copyright: Laura Normio (EMMA project)

Public support needed to harness the potential in inland navigation

EMMA organized a panel that debated the future of inland navigation in Sweden as part of the 7th Strategy Forum for the EUSBSR.

Hamburg, Germany
Copyright: HHM/S. Breitenbach

Invitation to the Annual Conference "Enhancing Inland Navigation"

Port of Hamburg Marketing & the Chambers' Union Elbe/Oder invite you to a joint conference on “Enhancing Inland Navigation” on 21st Nov.

Hamburg, Germany
7th Forum EUSBSR

Invitation to join our EMMA panel discussion during the 7th Forum EUSBSR

EMMA cordially invites you to our panel discussion “How to embed inland navigation in transport chains?" on 8th Nov. 2016 at the 7th Forum EUSBSR.

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