The EMMA Extension Project (08/2019-07/2021) aims to enhance inland navigation in the Baltic Sea Region by supporting digitalization in inland waterway transport (IWT) and by implementing new logistic concepts in the Baltic Sea Region.

The extension project is based on the results and recommendations of project EMMA (2016-2019), which brought inland navigation to a wider national and European agenda, strengthened its voice and successfully demonstrated feasibility of potential inland waterway transport services in the Baltic Sea Region. The EMMA Extension focuses on next steps towards further market deployment of IWT by capitalizing on the results and partnership of project EMMA and implementing practical IWT solutions. At the end of August, all seven project partners from Germany, Finland, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden gathered to the old pilot station Rosenvik on the waterfront of Stockholm to plan the co-operation in enhancing inland navigation together.

Based on the recommendation given in the EMMA policy paper, EMMA Extension supports the further harmonization of River Information and Vessel Traffic Services (RIS/VTS) in the BSR. The EMMA Extension project links digitalized data services and functionalities such as real-time data regarding bridge clearance to ELIAS system, which was developed during the EMMA project.

The EMMA Extension also implements new logistic concepts in the Baltic Sea Region. The implementation of commercial pilot services under real business conditions in three Baltic Sea Region countries will showcase the feasibility of IWT services in supply chains and promote IWT to cargo owners and forwarders in emerging IWT markets. The pilot sailings will take place on River Neman in Lithuania, on Vistula River in Poland and on the Lake Mälaren in Sweden, showing the benefits of the IWT: high capacity, reliable transportation, lack of congestion and smaller environmental impacts.

Following sections highights EMMA projects pilot activities. Information about EMMA Extension activities will follow shortly.

EMMA Pilots

About EMMA Extension

Implementing Smart Fairway Solution on Puhos fairway in South Savonia

Extending service portfolio of Geofanced RIS Services for ship owners.

Implementing New IWT Logistic Concept on Nemunelis river

Analyses made during the EMMA project indicated that it is important to combine different cargo on the same barge in order to offer commercial services in Lithuania. To verify the concept towards the industry and cargo owners, two commercial pilot sailings will be organised on Neman River during the EMMA Extension. The creation of a logistical chain between the Klaipeda seaport and IWW ports will result in regular IWT services in future.

Implementing Bridge Clearance Application to RIS.

Implementing New IWT Logistic Concept on Lake Mälaren.

Projects' work package structure, target groups, aims and benefits for stakeholders in detail.

About EMMA

Enhancing inland navigation at Saimaa Region (canal and lage district)

Development of Geofanced RIS Services for ship owners and stakeholders to ease transport planning.

Investigating the feasibility of new inland waterway transports from Kalipeda to Kaunas region.

Revitalization of inland navigation on the Vistula river and a new multimodal inland terminal near Bydgozsz

Testing and promoting inland navigation for the 1st time at lake Mälaren and Vänern.

Projects' work package structure, target groups, aims and benefits for stakeholders in detail.